About Us

Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on October 5, 1904 at New York University and was officially incorporated on May 20, 1905. Prior to Alpha Kappa Psi’s incorporation, the shared expectations and values of this fraternity were discussed and implemented by a few highly ambitious men known as the Brooklyn Four (George L. Bergen, Howard M. Jefferson, Nathan Lane Jr., and Frederic R. Leach). Their discussions in creating what is now known to this date as the
largest and oldest professional business fraternity evolved around a set of five core values: brotherhood, unity, integrity, service, and knowledge.

Brotherhood serves as trust, respect, cooperation, companionship and help to brother members where it is needed is the expected norm.
Unity represents a frequent understanding of our vision and values that transforms chapter, generation and profession is applied to anticipate and create the future.
Integrity symbolizes all actions, whether in business or life, are influenced by honesty, ethics and fairness.
Service represents a sharing of time, talent and treasure with society and with our fraternity is a priority.
Knowledge serves as education and experience is highlighted and shared.

Each core value is held to a high standard among each brother member of Alpha Kappa Psi and is utilized as the building blocks in shaping principled business leaders. Originally founded by four men, the professional organization has progressed to 240,000 initiated members at 265 universities in 3 countries. With a far- reaching network of alumni, members have the ability to expose their skill sets and connect with opportunities at some of the most productive companies in the world. With the resources used, set expectations, and knowledge gained from Alpha Kappa Psi, we are doubtlessly preparing each and every brother for a life of success.